How To Create a Brand Identity System

For most solo and micro business owners that have had to create a brand from scratch, the idea itself is overwhelming. Often times just selecting the perfect business cards is enough to put everything on hold because the obsession of getting it right takes over.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when creating your Brand Identity System:

  1. Am I being visually consistent? Can someone look at your website, social media or printed material and easily determine that they all belong to the same family? To check this for yourself, visit each platform, take a photo with your phone and then group them in a photo collage. Don’t cheat, take the first image from each digital platform and a snapshot of the last printed piece of material you gave away.  Do they all belong together? Would a stranger to your brand be able to tell you if they belonged together?
  2. Is your brand character predictable? When you send an email, does the recipient have an expectation of what they are about to receive before they open it? In our microwave society, some businesses try to be daring and surprising and change things up to warrant extra attention. This is actually not always a good idea. Have you ever gone into your favorite restaurant and they changed the menu? What about when the label changes on your favorite jar of pasta sauce? How did it make you feel? People want to know that they can depend on your brand character.
  3. Is your brand vision crystal clear? With a few scrolls of the thumb or a couple of clicks of the mouse, will potential clients know what you do, who you do it for, how you do it and why your way is unique. Would your current client be able to easily explain to a potential client what you do? How would your current clients describe what makes you unique? Do your current clients know where you want to take your business in the next 5 years? Your brand vision should be common knowledge to your internal and external constituents.
  4. What is your brand value proposition? What are you selling and how will your product or service solve the clients problem or improve their situation? What are your unique benefits? What makes what you do so special? How can you share this? Who do you share this with?
  5. Is your mission palpable? Can others feel your brand mission? Does your brand have a mission so strong and so undeniable that when your brand is seen or heard, it inspires others. Are you creating a culture of brand lovers? Are you providing a place and a purpose for your clients within your brand?


If you are having trouble with creating any of the above mentioned, we can help.

There are three ways to start you on your journey. 1. You can follow this blog and download any of the free printable guides. 2. You can sign up for sessions. There is nothing wrong with learning what to do. 3. We can partner together and take your brand to the next best level.

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How To Optimize Your Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is actually part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a strategy to bring more people to your website. SMO is when you specifically use social media to bring more people to your website.

There are typically 4 primary goals for strengthening your SMO.

  1. Increase your visibility.
  2. Strengthen your brand identity.
  3. Generate more leads to your websites.
  4. Increase sales.

NOTE *Adding your website link to everything and with everyone does not strengthen your SMO*

Here are my favorite pointers for increasing your SMO on the 4 primary social media platforms.

  • Facebook:
    • Update your about and contact section. Make sure your mission, vision, values and objectives are clear to others that have not heard about your brand. Make it very easy for them to contact you or find you if and when they need to.
      • BONUS TIP- Use your key words in your about section.
  • Intagram:
    • Use the right keywords and hastags. Don’t toss in a ton of hashtags, just praying that someone new will stumble across your profile. Do your research. Make sure the hashtags are appropriate for you message and your brand. If you post about kitty litter, find the hashtags that have the mid and highest results, too low and you will mostlikely not get ay traffic.
      • BONUS TIP- If you are using the right key words, slap a # in front. Also, always use your keywords inside of your posts.
  • Twitter:
    • Pin your Tweets. Take a handful of your most popular Tweets and give them a Pinterest friendly image. Add the image to your Pinterest pins and link it back to your Twitter account.
      • BONUS TIP- Make sure you image contains text overlay, and your overlay contains your key words.
  • Pinterest:
    • Make your baords robust. Include at least 25 pins to each board. Make sure each board and each pin includes key words or direct links back to your website. Make sure your board title includes your key word(s). Follow the 80/20 rule and post only 20% of your own pins.
      • BONUS TIP- include your primary #hashtag in your images. Pinterest can read and search for texts over images.


If you find yourself overwhlemed with Social Media Optimization tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instgram, and Pinterest, reach out so I can help you through the overwhelm.

I have tools for beginners and advanced. We can create a social media objective for your social media platforms, optimize your efforts and increase your brand awareness.