Social Media Event Marketing Management

Sometimes managing events can be a beast to take on. Most likely you already have a full plate of business to cater to, so adding the digital marketing for an event can seem like an entirely additional job.

We can help take the many tasks of digital marketing for your event off your plate. We can easily scale up or down depending on your needs.

Tailored Content

Say no to copy paste. Even if you have hosted an event for 20 years, that doesn’t mean that the content you posted last year will be relevant this year. Even an event with the exact same name needs to be tailored and attendee specific.

Data, Time & Audience Driven

We post directly to your target audience that you currently have and the your desired dream audience as well. Using data we will increase your digital reach and leverage that reach to increase engagement and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

Clear Call To Action

Ticket sales, registrations, exhibitor and vendor booths, traffic, engagement are all areas that we can focus on. We Identify, prioritize, align and create a clear action plan.

In Person Coverage

We cater to your events, before, during and after. We provide photos, video, and live streaming coverage. Crafting a unique digital story for your target audience.