Digital Marketing has so many services and components and opportunities, we wanted to focus our efforts on result driven services.

Here at So Me Digital Bloom, we focus on:

  • Lead Generation
  • Online Conversions
  • Digital Automation
  • Analytics
  • Launch & Learns

Lead Generation Formulas

That is why you are in business after all right? To get clients! Business have great products and services to offer clients all of the time. What they usually don’t have is a solid plan to attract, nurture and keep loyal customers.

We create a mixture of tools to help your business create a robust yet simplified customer journey. We set up customer stages so that you know what to do with each client in each stage. We breakdown steps and include customer touchpoints to help lead them to conversions.

Costs: $350+

Online Conversions Setup

Knowing the journey your customer needs to take and designing the plan, train or automobile is a completely different level of detail. This service includes setting up email campins, website forms, and customer behavior analysis. We can manage as few or as many layers of digital conversion you are ready for.

Costs: $2750

Digital Automation


Launch & Learns

We especially love Launch & Learn services, because it really is an opportunity for business owners the learn a different part of their business without the need to be a subject matter expert.

Our Launch & Learns include:

Starter Package:

Weekly one on one meeting providing strategic planning, education and engagement action plans. Business owners learn how to fill any digital divide they might have for their business to be successful. I do the heavy lifting and you provide the back up support.

Costs: $320 Month

Jalapeno Business:

Business owners confess to a digital mistake and then we create a solution. A free 20 minute one on one coaching opportunity. The business owner gets to ask any digital marketing questions they would like and we problem solve on the spot.

Costs: FREE !

To register to be a guest simply complete this form. Just let us know in the message how we can help and describe in full detail the situation that led you to needing help.