Quickbooks. Is It A Good Fit

QuickBooks understands that business owners are busy and usually need to rely on trusted sources for expedited decision making.I will walk you through becoming a QuickBooker for LIFE, just like me!!

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Stop Overthinking and Start Completing Your Business Goals

If you are a creative business owner like myself, you understand the crushing effect of OVERTHINKING. I have to always remind myself that progress is better than perfection and clear is better than clever. This is just something I say to help get myself back on track. The truth is if you create a simple system to follow, to keep you on track, execution and completion will become your best friends!

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How To Create a Brand Identity System

Can someone look at your website, social media or printed material and easily determine that they all belong to the same family?Does your brand have a mission so strong and so undeniable that when your brand is seen or heard, it inspires others. Are you creating a culture of brand lovers?

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How To Optimize Your Social Media

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is actually part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a strategy to bring more people to your website. SMO is when you specifically use social media to bring more people to your website.

There are typically 4 primary goals for strengthening your SMO.

Increase your visibility.
Strengthen your brand identity.
Generate more leads to your websites.
Increase sales.

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