So Me DIgital Bloom Branding Checklist


If we had to describe our agency in one word, it would be FOMO! Fear Of Missing Out! OK, maybe it’s not a word, but it definitely describes our love for all things social media.

More than the fear of missing out, we understand the power of social media. It can be the game changer for most solo, micro, and small business owners. If done right, a social media campaign will help you reach thousands of people you would have never had the opportunity to. Social media is not just for the traditional business owner. Have a mission to find a cure? Want a chance in a political seat? Social media is your gateway.

We have had the pleasure of managing social media for large organizations such as American Heart Association Washington DC Market and smaller businesses like individual crafters. If you are ready to start a business and need branding or if you are ready to launch and need a new campaign, we are ready to help you succeed.