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Business Before Breakfast: Creating A Business Plan

Many people are overwhelmed with the idea of creating a business plan. Especially the kind that require a business and law degree, not to mention having an accountant in your back pocket. Try creating a business canvas model. It is simple, to the point, and makes you think about your business from a global perspective, instead of a task driven one.

Image result for business canvas model template
Business Canvas Model From LucidCharts

This image above is what it traditionally looks like. I really helps you answer questions that you may not have been thinking about before. The questions are simple, but require some deep thought and energy to execute.

Try answering these questions to create your own Business Canvas Model.


Who do we need to work with in order to produce and deliver our solution?


What do we need to do (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually) to produce, market and deliver our solutions?


What do we need to have in order to produce, market and deliver our solutions?


What problem do we solve in our own special way and how do we solve it.


How do we talk to out market about our solutions and how do we get more customers?


How do we deliver our solution and where will our customers find our solution?


Who needs our solution? Who needs it right now? Who will eventually need it?


How much will our key activities, resources and partners cost us?


How much will we charge and how will we get paid for the solution we provide?

Take your time and answer each question with your goals in mind. If you know you want to move out of your mother’s basement, make sure your pricing model is a reflection of that.

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I love cultivating roadmaps to success in strategic planning, specializing in Lean Six Sigma methodologies for project management and creating digital brands while managing social media accounts. If given the option, I would travel the world and work only from my laptop.

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