Spring Business Building Series: Clean Your Office

Business Spring cleaning tip from So Me Digital Bloom.
Spring Clean Your Office Using 5s

It might not be KonMari, but this Japanese cleaning technique really works. Ok, this seems like a no brainer, but most of us, myself included, I don’t do a very good job of tidying up. Having an unorganized physical space can create internal chaos. When its time for some Spring Cleaning in my office, I use a Lean Six Sigma Technique called 5 S.

To 5s your workspace follow these simple steps.

1. Sort. This is more of a SORT and PURGE step. If you have a huge inbox like me, I put out 5 baskets on my office floor and I sort through each paper or file. If I know where it goes immediately, I place it in the right basket. If I know its trash, I toss it and If I am not sure, I place it back into my inbox for a second look.

2. Set In Order. Arrange things in a way that makes your day flow. If you only use a hole puncher once a week, it should not be on your desktop. If you use your stapler every day, all day, it should be where you can easily get to it. Do this for all of the functional items on your desktop and then move to your filing system. I am a fan of binders over the hanging files because I feel like I can organize and categorize my items much easier.

3. Shine. Wipe and polish your space. Air dust your keyboard, wet wipe your phone, clean your screen. Use the appropriate polishing items to remove dust. Its not good for you and its not good for your computer.

4. Standardize. Schedule a time every day, week, month and quarter for cleaning. I try to tidy up first thing in the morning when my computer is warming up. Its only a couple of minutes, but its a huge help. Once a week I purge my inbox. I am usually carrying my inbox in my work bag, so when it starts to get heavy, its time to purge. I save my monthly cleaning for the deep stuff. Going through old boxes and cabinets and storage shelves remind me that I don’t need to order another box of paperclips. Take things one step further with your quarterly cleaning. Give yourself a day to take you time and make sure everything is clean.

5. Sustain. DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO! I know it seems simple. It is so easy to say…I’ll get to it later. Make this time as important as any other meeting on your calendar.

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