3 Questions To Ask When You Work Too Much

In the midst of running your business, it’s easy to forget about, forgetting the details. It’s even harder to remember to take a moment to feel the breeze. Sometimes it takes a huge event to remind us of what is really important. Hopefully, this is enough to remind you.

Running a business can be consuming. It will creep into places and spaces that it doesn’t belong. You stop to check your emails and BOOM, you are sitting in your parked car in front of the grocery store for 40 minutes.

Keep these 3 questions in mind.

  1. Will this task matter in two weeks, two months, or next year? If not, STOP! You have to plan and execute over and over again in order to secure movement of your business in the right direction.
  2.  Can I do this at a better time? We trade moments for moments and we have to make sure we are trading the right moments. Adding details to a report vs. your sons game. Which moment is worth trading? You might have more control over the report than the game. Watch the game.
  3. Am I the most qualified to do this? I struggled with outsourcing my tasks for the longest time. I thought I didn’t have the budget to hire someone to do anything. The truth is you just might. I needed stock images for a client, so I had my kids take about 100 photos on a Saturday morning and then took them for ice-cream. I was able to get 40 high-quality images. You need to do the tasks that no one else can do and “outsource” to those that can the other tasks.

It is ok to get off track and forget all of the reasons you are working so hard, just don’t stay off track. Before you start any task, ask yourself, will this matter. Will this task impact my business? If not, don’t do it, or at least don’t make it a priority!

If you find yourself needing a little bit of help, I just might be able to help you out. We all know Social Media is forever changing and without strict discipline, you just get sucked into the black hole of scrolling and scrolling. We offer social media scheduling, content creation and help you launch campaigns to help you generate leads.

Free free to reach me for a personal one on one discovery call.


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